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Having impressive and well-designed marketing materials is a critical part to achieving your business goals. We can help you meet those goals.

Make those marketing materials memorable and valuable to your customers and prospects with help from the experienced design team at Best Choice Marketing Solutions. We will help guide you through the process, so we can create an effective design.

Design Request Guide

Here are some of the items, criteria and considerations that will aid us in creating your design.

When ordering online, you will be able to upload files for these items. So, please have them ready before placing an order.


  • High resolution logo ( 300 dpi or higher ) or vector logo ( .eps, .pdf, .ai )
Considerations & Suggestions
  • Do you have a logo?
  • Would you like the designer to incorporate all the colors seen in your logo?


  • High resolution photos ( 150 dpi or higher )
Considerations & Suggestions
  • Don’t crop photos.
  • Take pictures of your products.
  • Don’t take images from Google Images. Besides possible copyright infringement, photo quality mostly never meets printable quality.
  • We can supply stock photos for any images you are missing and would like to include in your design. Please specify in the notes box when placing your order.


Considerations & Suggestions
  • If you don’t have a logo or do not want to include the colors within your logo, do you have colors you would like us to use? A few great places to start exploring color options is at Adobe Color CC, Coolors, or Colormind
  • We have a collection of samples to view here or if you would like us to send you some samples, please contact us by calling or use the chat window to request some samples.

Coupons or Special Offers

Considerations & Suggestions
  • Please identify how many coupons and/or special offers you need to include in the design.
  • Please identify where you would like the coupons and/or special offers.
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Marketing & Printing Company Detroit | Best Choice Marketing Solutions - image-content-communicationThe success of any project relies on clear and responsive communication. We realize there are many questions throughout the process of placing a print order.

Our team is committed to always responding to questions and concerns in a timely manner. In order to help our customers stay informed, we've polled a number of our clients and salesmen to share with us their more frequently asked questions.

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